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Semester Abroad

This program is designed for students who want to develop
a broader understanding and practice of today's most
relevant topics by experiencing them in a completely
different environment from that of their home institution.

  • Neurocomunication
  • Technologies and Neurobusiness Today
  • Innovation and Change Management
  • Neuronegotiation Techniques
  • Intercultural Communication

As part of this program, students are enrolled in Spanish
classes and take part in service learning projects to ensure
they take the most out of this experience.

  • Calendar: Jan 8th to April 19th, 2024
  • 4 English courses: $3.440partners /$4.472non-partners
  • Spanish courses (3 modules- 12 weeks): $1.020 partners /
  • Accommodation with host families: $2.000

Summer Abroad

Students can enjoy a fully immersive program while gaining credits that count towards their study plans.
Studying abroad during summer time is a perfect
alternative for those looking for spending this short season
exploring a new destination, enhancing their education
and coming back to campus with refined skills and a broader world knowledge.

Courses available:

  • Project Management
  • Circular Economy
  • History & Culture of Costa Rica
  • Costa Rica's Language & Society

Participants in this program must enroll in our Spanish
courses as a mandatory co-requisite.

  • Calendar: July 9th to August 10th, 2024
  • 4 English courses: $3.140partners / $4.082non-partners
  • Spanish course (1 module- 4 weeks): $340 partners /
    $442 non-partners
  • Accommodation with host families: $2.000

Internship + Spanish Language

This internship abroad + Spanish language experience is
intended to provide students with the unique opportunity
to start their working career in an environment that will
challenge the knowledge and skills acquired during their
time at their home university.

An internship abroad allows students to explore their
interests in a new professional working environment,
refine the skills and professionalism needed to be
successful in future work endeavors.

While in Costa Rica, interns will benefit from
practicing/improving their Spanish language knowledge
and communication skills as they'll also broaden their
cultural perspective and understanding of Latin American

  • Calendar: September- December, 2023
  • Length: minimum 4 weeks up to 12 weeks
  • Partners $1.850 internship + Spanish module $340
  • Non-partners: $2.405 internship + Spanish $442

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